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Stepping on a real wood floor gives you a unique feeling, of warmth, stability and elegance. It passes all style and time barriers, that's why it is the favorite type of flooring everywhere —from museums and sport courts to residential houses and apartments.

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Beautiful Kitchen Hardwood Floor

Hardwood Flooring

Ciprian Flooring provides Chicagoland area with the best custom hardwood flooring installation. Hardwood flooring is one of the most sophisticated, durable, and longest lasting flooring types you can have in your home. Our customers can always expect our team to provide wood floor services of the highest quality at surprisingly competitive rates.

Beautiful Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring

Recent advances in the manufacturing process have succeeded in making laminate flooring look much more like real wood and installation is quick and easy; making laminate flooring a cost-effective choice. Easy to maintain and durable in any room, laminate is a great choice for any home.

Modern Wood Flooring

Wood Floor Refinish

Refinishing is a great way to restore an old or extremely worn hardwood floor. It removes most stains and damage, and gives dull or discolored floors new life. At Ciprian Flooring, we are dedicated to providing our clients with hardwood floor refinishing services of superior quality at the lowest prices possible.

Macchiato Pecan Modern Hardwood Flooring

Wood Floor Maintenance

Depending upon the condition of your floor, our professionals may recommend either a simple recoating, complete refinishing, or an entirely new floor. You want to be sure that your floors are getting the care and maintenance they require. If your floor is relatively new and only slightly worn, a new coat of stain and buffing is probably all that is needed.

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Eco-friendly Wood Flooring Image

Keep Your Home Green And Clean

Your floor is one of the best places to start going green. It's possibly the most noticeable part of your home's interior and, in addition, eco-friendly flooring options really do look good.

We encourage environmentally friendly flooring

  • Eco-Friendly Wood Stains & Sealers
  • Salvaged or recycled wood
  • Recycled materials
  • Renewable materials

What our clients say

Matthew N., Chicago, IL

This guy showed me why I let my wife make decisions like this, because she found him, and he did a fantastic job. Had I found someone, I'd probably be writing a one-star review for a different

company. I thought it was home sweet home before, but now it's home even-sweeter home. Michael Jordan himself would be proud to be bouncing a ball on these floors. I honestly had no idea that my home could look this great. And he was also very courteous in explaining what to expect and what needed to be done.

I can't wait to move back into my place on Sunday, since any time you use an oil-based finish, the fumes get overwhelming. From what I understand, oil-based is more durable, vital if you have pets. Which we do. But if you need someone to do your floors, do not hesitate to call Ciprian!

And wasn't there supposed to be dust? I thought when you sanded floors, dust was supposed to be everywhere. Oh well.

Rosie T., Chicago, IL

Professional, knowledgeable, friendly, prompt, and top quality. Ciprian took our job in spite of a very tight timeline with our move into our 1925 Chicago brick bungalow. We have the original 1"

hardwood floors that looked like they had not been refinished since the 50s. Areas were worn to the wood and creaked like crazy.

He respected the historic doors, radiators, and floors by working carefully around them. He explained his recommendations and provided me with an estimate right away. His price was extremely fair and you cannot beat the quality. He did NOT cut corners. They sanded 3 times and applied three coats of finish. He knew how short the timeframe was before furniture delivery and worked tirelessly to get it done quickly. He followed up with me to make sure we were pleased with the work and provided care instructions for the movers and future care.

The house feels and looks fresh and bright. They glued the loose boards and without nailing a thing, they were able to stabilize most of the creakiness. (I was thankful because the other way was to break through the plaster ceiling in the basement and work bottom-up or nail down through the floor and potentially risk electrical wires. Ciprian made great suggestions and we were glad to follow his recommendations. We won't need a refinishing again for 5 or 10 years, but when we do, this is our guy!

Mark "The Maj" M., Morton Grove, IL

I chose Ciprian because he called me right after I requested a quote through yelp, was able to come over that night to quote the job, was very friendly, and most importantly responded to my

emails/calls/texts in a timely manner. I had carpet in a bedroom and wanted to install hardwood to match the rest of my condo. The stain was difficult to match, but he went above and beyond to try to match the stain as much as possible. It's hard to say if someone else would put that much effort in. He also finished the job quickly in the 1.5 days and cleaned up thoroughly when he was done. There was no saw dust that I had to clean. He also called me a few days after to make sure I was happy with the result. I definitely recommend Ciprian!

Stella Z., Evanston, IL

Ciprian was amazing - I cannot say enough good things about him and his company. He consistently went above and beyond, more so than any other contractor I've ever worked with.

We had to move our floor refinishing dates up at the last minute due to other work that was being done in the common areas of our building, and Ciprian and his team worked extra long hours in order to complete our job in time. There was no way anyone else would have been able to accommodate this job on the timing we needed it. The floor refinishing was also top-notch quality and we were thrilled with the results. You can tell Ciprian really cares about the work and kept us updated throughout with pictures and messages. He even fixed molding that we were missing and parts of the flooring that were not originally installed correctly to make sure we had a perfect end product.

On top of this, he charges very reasonable and affordable rates for his work. I wouldn't go anywhere else to have my floors refinished next time and would 100% recommend him to anyone else I know!

Ali A., Manhattan, NY

Ciprian Flooring was a true please to work with. We started communicating via text message and he was exceptionally, responsive and professional.

He was able to give us a written quote based off of the listing that was online. This was a huge benefit, as it gave me a good sense as to what to anticipate in terms of price. The day we closed on our new condo I had an estimate appointment with Chip. He arrived in time, was cheerful and ready to go! Chip wasted no time. He was available the next day and started the job. We had him sand and re stain the hard wood in the whole condo. Chip was patient with me and allowed us to choose a custom color! His work was clean, fast and done with true craftsmanship

I absolutely love my new floors and would highly recommend you use Ciprian Flooring

Steve F., Schaumburg, IL

I was shopping around and had a buddy of mine tell me about Ciprian. I gave him a call and he was out there that evening to give me a quote. 2 days later the wood was delivered.

After letting it cure for a few days they came back out and finished my beautiful floors in 2 days! He was always on time, 7:00 A.M sharp and would work until 5. You can tell they take pride in what they do, couldn't ask for a better job. I highly recommend Cip if you need anything that has to do with flooring!!

Brenda G., Morton Grove, IL

One guy said "no way." Another gave me a sky high price over the phone. Ciprian took my call and stopped over later that day. He didn't dismiss my job and also agreed that leaving

the imperfections and original radiator holes gave the floor character. Ciprian thought he could get to the job the following week or possible the coming Friday if his current job ended early. He called Friday morning, arrived by 9:30 and was gone by 3.

He sanded the floors, put two coats of poly on and then added quarter-round to complete the job. We are happy. The floors aren't too high gloss, which I don't like. Ciprian gave me an estimate for the rest of the rooms I may have done soon.

Ben C., Chicago, IL

I am a general contractor, I know great craftsmanship and attention to detail. Ciprian and his crews have now completed two full jobs and a repair for me. One of the jobs was for

my own condo. All the of the jobs turned out wonderful and I am beyond pleased with the work that was completed.

When it comes to contracting, communication is paramount. Ciprian is great with communication. He will text, email and call. He kept me updated throughout all of the jobs he has done for me. Ciprian has a carpentry background and it shows in his attention to detail with flooring.

I will be using Ciprian and his crews for any future flooring jobs that I have and I would suggest anyone to do the same.

Nathan A., Chicago, IL

Ciprian Flooring did an amazing job with my wood floors. I would highly recommend him to anyone. My floors are beautiful. He was very kind and worked quick and I believe was very

fair priced. He's way better then most of the other companies out there. You need your floors done!? would use these guys !

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